Latest Punjabi Song, Gurj Sidhu – Baby


Hot on the heels of ‘Adha Pind’ Gurj Sidhu has released his latest Punjabi song ‘Baby’ via Ripple Music. ‘Baby’ is produced by Gurj Sidhu himself and the lyrics are by Sukh Sandhu.

We think Gurj Sidhu is one of the most mentioned artists on our site, simply due to the amount of releases he has had, and the impact of those songs. Baby is the new song from Gurj Sidhu and if you liked ‘Adha Pind’ then this will appeal to you, the song lyrics are by Sukh Sandhu and the production is  by Gurj himself, it just has that bounce to it. You keep nodding away and you are kept interested all the way through, This works. Added to our 2019 Big Punjabi Tracks Playlist for sure.

To check out ‘Baby’ By Gurj Sidhu on Spotify click this link
Singer : Gurj Sidhu
Lyrics : Sukh Sandhu
Starring : Ravneet Kalsi
Music : Gurj Sidhu
Mix & Master :Manni Sandhu
Video : TDot Films
To check out ‘Baby’ By Gurj Sidhu on Apple Music click this link


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