Latest Punjabi Song – Hathyar – Parry Sarpanch, Music By Harj Nagra


It has been a quieter start to 2019 for Humble Music than 2018, hopefully that is a sign of the label returning to it’s quality over quantity policy. Harj Nagra and Parry Sarpanch feature on ‘Hathyar’ which is the latest Punjabi song from the label, and this is not bad at all.

Rather than us mumble on, we thought we would go direct to Harj Nagra and ask him about ‘Hathyar’ and how working with Parry Sarpanch came about:

Its a funny story actually.. I was in Chandigarh Jan Feb time and Parry Sarpanch’s  “Shikaar” track was bumping everywhere. I made a snap driving around listening to it.
He had then messaged me on snapchat and I was just like sick track bro lets get in the studio because I was on my way there.
Within 20 minutes he came to the studio lol and we recorded ‘Hathyar’ then.
I have been in India a lot this year and have recorded more songs with Parry that are on the way. For this particular track it had to have that desi vibe to it but I added my signature sound with heavy drums etc and we hope the fans like it.

Good luck to Harj Nagra and Parry Sarpanch with the track, and 2019 surely has started on a more traditional flex!! This is added to our playlist for sure!

Song – Hathyar
Singer & Lyrics – Parry Sarpanch
Music – Harj Nagra

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