Latest Punjabi Song -Juggy D – ft. Rishi Rich & Ikka – Get Down (Dr Dre Inspired)


Punjabi Pop: Juggy D and Rishi Rich back together on a track, now that is enough for all old skool UK Bhangra fans to get excited, but this is very different, add Ikka into the mix and you know what we  mean by different.

The production is based very much on the unreleased track by Dr Dre and Jay Z “Under pressure”. From the loop to the notes and song layout it really does sound like “Under Pressure” hey, if it bangs like that then Juggy D has a hit on his hands!

The track is a new direction for Juggy D has he steps into the rap/Punjabi field , and this is a crowded market at the moment, does Juggy D pull it off?

Why don’t you let us know, for us, it lacks that poppy Bhangra sound that Juggy D is known for, but hey experimenting is a good thing, so let’s see if this song manages to gather momentum or will it continue to “Get Down” fans craving for the old Juggy D and Rishi Rich.



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