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It has been a hectic few weeks for all those involved in this latest song ‘Nazaare’ from the Brand B label. Bunty Bains has had 4 releases in the last 2 weeks, Kru172 have dropped an album of their own, and now, we have ‘Tyson Sidhu’ releasing his song, ‘Nazaare’. The music for ‘Nazaare’ is by Kru172 and the lyrics are by Tyson Sidhu himself.

With all these artists being so busy it does make you wonder how can you prioritize a release? I’m sure they do, but for how many days? ‘Nazaare’ is not a bad track at all, Tyson Sidhu has a good voice and the production from Kru172 is once again impressive and quite desi, how long will the song be around for though?

Song – Nazaare
Singer & Lyrics – Tyson Sidhu
Music – Kru172
Producer – Bunty Bains


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