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Jass Records present their latest Punjabi song ‘Peg’ by Punjabi singer – ‘Bhoora Littarn’. Music for the new Punjabi song ‘Peg’ is by ‘Apar’ and the lyrics for the song are by ‘Bhoora Littarn’ himself.

‘Bhoora Littarn’ is a singer who keeps knocking at the door, and this his latest tune ‘Peg’ might well be the one that see’s him hit a wider audience. ‘Peg’ is well produced and the song is not bad at all, you may see this added to a few mehfil playlists as the years goes on! Not bad at all…

On Repeat Scores:
1-5 Plays
5-10 Plays
10+ Plays

Title: Peg
Singer: Bhoora Littarn
Lyrics: Bhoora Littarn
Music: Apar


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