Latest Punjabi Song, Pehla Valentine, Himmat Sandhu


The latest Punjabi song from Punjabi singer ‘Himmat Sandhu’ is ‘Pehla Valentine. The song ‘Pehla Valentine’ has been released via Himmat Sandhu’s own label, the music is by Laddi Gill and the Lyrics are by Himmat himself.

If everyone else is releasing for Valentines why can’t Himmat Sandhu, exactly, anyway, the song ‘Pehla Valentine’ is a real attempt to pull on the heart strings of the listener, but for us, it just falls short, vocally Himmat as usual is on the ball but the hook line for us (outside of India) is just too corny. Will do well in India!

Singer, Himmat Sandhu
Music, Laddi Gill
Lyrics Himmat Sandhu
Video B2gether Bros


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