Latest Punjabi Song – Record Jattan De, Palwinder Tohra and Jasmeen Akhtar


BOP Music present their latest Punjabi song ‘Record Jattan De’ the song features Punjabi singers Palwinder Tohra and Jasmeen Akhtar. The music for the new Punjabi song ‘Record Jattan De’ is by Mann Dhillon and the lyrics are penned by Palwinder Tohra.

If it’s not Gurlej Akhtar taking the lead in duets then it is her sister Jasmeen Akhtar, and damn she shines on ‘Record Jattan De’. Jasmeen Akhtar has a great voice and it really is evident here, Palwinder Tohra does not do too bad at all, and the pair to complement each other well. Well produced, decent video, this is one for duet fans, a good track that is worth a few spins.

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SONG – Record Jattan De
Singer : Palwinder Tohra ft. Jasmeen Akhtar
Lyrics- Palwinder Tohra
MUSIC – Mann Dhillon


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