Latest Punjabi Song – Sach Kehn Lagge – Sufi Sikander


Ever heard of Sarang Music Production? Well it seems as if you are not the only ones, their videos get an average of three thousand views and they have released a real mix bag, but ‘Sach Kehn Lagge’ by Sufi Sikander is not bad at all and grabbed our attention.

The budget for the video must have been extremely small as only Sufi Sikander appears in it, yet we have still watched it a few times and are not bored of it. ‘Sach Kehn Lagge’ is a well written and well produced desi track, some home truths coupled with some serious tumbi riffs make it more enjoyable than we first thought. Sufi Sikander has improved from his other songs vocally, not bad at all!

Song – Sach Kehn Lagge
Singer – Sufi Sikander
Lyricist – Laddi Ittanwali
Music – John T


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