Latest Punjabi Song – Seat, Gupz Sehra


E3UK present their latest Punjabi song ‘Seat’ by Punjabi singer Gupz Sehra, the lyrics to the new Punjabi song ‘Seat’ are by Kulshan Sandhu, and the music is by Gupz Sehra himself.

Talented, that is one word we would use to describe Gupz Sehra, a clever producer who also knows what he can do vocally, and he does it well. ‘Seat’ is a light-hearted number that gets you listening all the way through, it has humour and is well produced, a simple and easy listening tune, that will make an apperance or two at a few mehfils as 2019 progresses.

On Repeat Scores:
1-5 Plays
5-10 Plays
10+ Plays

Title: Seat
Singer: Gupz Sehra
Lyrics: Kulshan Sandhu
Music: Gupz Sehra


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