Latest Punjabi Song, Steering, Jaggi Jagowal & Raman Romana (Music: Dr Zeus)


Saga Music present their latest Punjabi song ‘Steering’ featuring Punjabi singers ‘Jaggi Jagowal’ and ‘Raman Romana’. The music for the new Punjabi song ‘Steering’ is by Dr Zeus and the lyrics have been penned by Jaggi Jagowal himself.

If there is one sound that has worked in the Punjabi music scene over the last few years then it’s that Dr Zeus sound and Jaggi Jagowal and Raman Romana wanted to be a part of it! ‘Steering’ has that Dr Zeus stamp all over it, the hits the drops and the claps are all evident, so if you are a fan of the Dr then this is must, if you are a casual fan give it a go it may appeal, for us, it misses our playlist.

Latest Punjabi Song: Steering
Singer: Jaggi Jagowal, Raman Romana
Music: Dr.Zeus
Lyrics & Composer: Jaggi Jagowal

Out on 26th April Guri’s – Chumma 


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