Latest Punjabi Song- Tere Bare By Karan Randhawa


Geet MP3 present their new Punjabi song ‘Tere Bare’ the latest Punjabi song features the singing talent of Karan Randhawa. The music for ‘Tere Bare’ is by  Sharry Nexus and the lyrics are penned by Prince Bhullar.

Geet MP3 really are attracting young talent in Punjab, Guri and Jass Manak started the ball rolling and now every new singer wants to be part of that team. Karan Randhawa Is Geet MP3’s new signing and he really does have that ‘Jass Manak’ sound to him on ‘Tere Bare, which is weird as he sounded very different before?  Long term Karan will have to look at turning back to his unique self, this is a good track, but we can’t all sound like Jass Manak…

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Latest Punjabi Song: Tere Bare
Singer:  Karan Randhawa 
Lyrics : Prince Bhullar
Music : Sharry Nexus


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