Latest Punjabi Song, Vadda Kalakaar – Alfaaz and Gurlez Akhtar


Presenting the  tittle song “Vadda Kalakaar” from the movie Vadda Kalakaar starring Alfaaz, Roopi Gill, Yograj, B.N. Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, Harby Sangha. The song is sung by Alfaaz and Gurlez Akhtar. The lyrics of the song are by Alfaaz. The movie is directed by Kuldeep Kaushik.

The film ‘Vadda Kalakaar’ already had some great songs on the soundtrack, and this the title song, just adds to it, Gurlej Akhtar is actually in the video which is nice to see and Alfaaz delivers well too. All in all a decent standalone track never mind for film soundtrack.

Check out the title song Vadda Kalakaar from the movie here, and all the rest of the songs from the soundtrack are also added for you to enjoy.


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