Latest Punjabi Song, Wait By Karan Randhawa & Jass Manak


2018 has been an amazing year for Jass Manak, and he has taken Punjab by storm, so it was inevitable that he would then have artists sounding like him and looking like him.
‘Wait’ is the latest Punjabi song from Geet MP3 and sees the debut of singer Karan Randhahwa, the music for the song ‘Wait’ is by Jass Manak himself.

We had to double take, why? Who is actually singing this song? Karen Randhawa sounds exactly like Jass Manak, and the odd ad lib from Jass on the track confuses us even more. That aside, ‘Wait’ is a love ballad that is produced well and delivered well. Geet MP3 have found a gem in Jass Manak and expect to see more tracks sounding like this, and more Punjabi lads looking like this.

Check out the latest Punjabi song ‘Wait’ by Karan Randhawa, Jass Manak here via Geet MP3:


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