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The web series Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree was a huge hit in and outside of Punjab, the final song from the final episode is called Yaari and is sang by Gur Sidhu, the music is also by Gur Sidhu, the lyrics are penned by Jagga.

The reason we did not post this earlier was simple, it does contain spoliers from the final episode of season 1, so we were wary that we did not want to ruin the show those Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree fans. The song like the web series is full of emotion and sang brilliantly by Gur Sidhu. As a fan of the webseries if this does not bring you close to tears, well, we would be surprised.

Song Name – Yarri
Singer & Music – Gur Sidhu (Insta : @igursidhu)
Lyrics – Jagga (Insta : @ijagga_lyricist)


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