Latest Punjabi Song, Z Security, Gursewak Dhillon, Gurlez Akhtar


Sukh Sanghera presents his teams latest Punjabi song and release, the new Punjabi song is called ‘Z Security’ and features the vocals of Gursewak Dhillon and Gurlez Akhtar, the music for ‘Z Security’ is via Music Empire.

At the start of 2018 this combination released ‘Scratch’ which was a great duet number, but since then the same combination have failed to hit those heights. Z Security once again fails to ignite any passion akin to what ‘Scratch’ did, and Gursewak vocally seems to have changed way too much. We have included both tunes below.

Singer : Gursewak Dhillon, Gurlez Akhtar
Lyrics : Gursewak Dhillon
Music : Music Empire


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