Laung Laachi – The Biggest Punjabi Hit Of The Year?


The Punjabi song “Laun Laachi” was released in February 2018, the song was sang by Mannat Noor and was from the Punjabi film of the same name “Laung Laachi”, so why the fuss now?

Well, we as Punjabi music fans loved the song, and it became an instant hit, but now, after several of India’s big name YouTubers picked up the track in around August, the song has seen a massive spike outside of Punjab. It is in all the major streaming charts once again.

The song “Laung Laachi” has never been outside of the top 20 since it’s release, with Punjab and Pakistan being it’s biggest fan’s but now, it seems India as a whole is falling in love with it. So how long before we see a Bollywood rip off ??


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