#LegendaryPunjabiSoundtracks – This Week SARPANCH


As far as Punjabi films go, Sarpanch is up with the best. A story line that had everything, family issues, revenge, jealousy and a dodgy gori to ensure Punjab’s ethnic minorities were represented.

The film starred the legendary Veerendra alongside Priti Sapru and Mehar Mittal provided the comedy, the film was a monster hit. Every Punjabi household had this film on the old skool VHS player, and us as kids would sit close to the screen to ensure the tracking would not go out, standard.

Sarpanch had a soundtrack that had everything, iconic songs, legendary singers and lyrics that pulled at the heart strings, this still sounds as good today as it did 37 years ago, for that reason it is our first soundtrack to be featured on our Legendary Punjabi Soundtracks feature.

Tracks 2, 3 & 5 are our standouts!

Now all you have to do is hit play and lose yourself in a world of classic Punjabi music (Music Director : Kamalkant):

The full movie is also here for you to enjoy, and trust me it needs a watch!


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