Like The Idea Of Attending An Indian Wedding? Well All You Have To Do Is Buy A Ticket


The Indian wedding scene is now a £1 billion industry and it seems everyone wants to experience one. Non-Indians who have seen the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ concept takeover social media can now experience the delights. But, hey like everything else in life, it comes at a price.

Join My Wedding is the company behind a venture that allows couples to sell tickets to their own wedding. These tickets include the whole event, not just the actual day. It now seems as if being at an Indian wedding is the cool thing to do, globally. Tickets to the weddings start at $250 and people can then set up their own staying arrangements. Or if you like the idea of a package deal then Join My Wedding can also assist with that.

At present, the site is India based and the weddings on offer are from all over India. Surely, it is only a matter of time before this idea is picked up upon by people having weddings outside of India. The North America and UK wedding scenes are thriving and maybe they will also like to cash in?! Either way, vetting those attending the wedding is vital. Recent Incidents have highlighted that having people you vaguely know at a wedding can certainly ruin the party!

Interested? Check out the current list of weddings on offer in India for you to attend and the prices per wedding, Just click this link..


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