Lilly Singh – Issues Heartfelt Apology


Lilly Singh Dastar Comment: Lilly Singh is a game-changer and her new show A little Late with Lilly has gone down a storm. Good reviews, good public reaction and good figures. A whole host of celebrities are lining up to go on the new show. On Tuesday night Lilly Singh interviewed Jessica Alba and one comment made during the interviews has enraged some Sikhs on Social media.

Jessica Alba: “they wear the towels, the turbie twists, so they look super not cool in the turbie twists…”
Lilly Singh: “so they’ll look like my Punjabi friends.”

The media spotlight really has been on Punjabi entertainers this week, we have had Elly Mangat in Jail, Sidhu Moose Wala apologising to the Akaal Takht and Gurdas Maan embroiled in controversy also. Is it now Lilly Singhs turn? Or is the comment taken out of context? Well, social media certainly has gone into overdrive about the Lilly Singh Dastar comment:

But not all the comments were against Lilly Singh:

The Dastar is one of the key identities of Sikhs and because of its prominance it is the first thing that Sikhs are mocked about  by racists. Should Lilly Singh have thought before she said the throwaway remark? Or was it an innocent bit of fun not aimed at anyone in particular. The remark could also have been aimed at Punjabi girls who dry their hair in towels like Jessica Alba’s kids!

Either way, let us know your thoughts as we know the networks are watching!!


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