Locket 2 (Kaniyan) Lovely Nirman & Sudesh Kumari


Locket 2 (Kaniyan) Lovely Nirman & Sudesh Kumari: Punjabi folks have a serious issue with timing. We are either way too quick to respond or way too long, very rarely is their a happy medium. A point in case is this new song Locket 2 by Lovely Nirman and Sudesh Kumari. Part 2 only took 15 years to follow part 1. All in the timing we guess. 15 years though?

Locket was released by Lovely Nirman and Parveen Bharta (Parveen feat. on Saun De Jhadi on J-Skillz Presentz) over 15 years ago. The song came out when duets were having a real surge in popularity. Every week some new duet pairing were dropping bombs and Locket managed to hold its own and be popular among the more desi crowd in Punjab. Locket 2 is very different from the first song, which was more up-tempo than this new version.

Locket 2, really does bang differently though, the two singers sound as good as ever and the passion in the delivery is still there. Sudesh Kumari was drafted in on this new version for her more dulcet ballad sounding voice, but what a great move. If you like duets, ballads and just good Punjabi songs then this deserves a spin.

The original Locket song was co-produced by UK producer J-Skillz during his Ludhiana days. The song was a part of a very rich duet scene at the time. If you missed it then you can check it out here. This is very different to the new follow up version.


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