Losing Gambler Attempts To Rob Wheelchair Bound Winning Gambler


Casinos are surreal places, winners, losers and chancers. One gambler who had lost all his money did not want to go home penniless. That is when he hatched a plan to rob a wheelchair-bound gambler who had just won £10k.

Anjum Rahim followed the gambler around the Grosvenor Casino in Broad Street – Anjum then approached him outside and asked him for £20 so he could get home before launching his attack. A gambler ‘who lost all of his money’ launched a vicious assault on a man in a wheelchair in a bid to steal his £10,000 winnings.

The victim had gone to the Grosvenor Casino in Broad Street and won a “substantial” amount of money consisting of £9,000 in cash and a cheque for £1,000. During his winning spree he had been followed around the casino by Anjum Rahim as he played the tables on March 30, last year.

The victim, who used a wheelchair because of a spinal problem he had suffered years before, then left the building to have a cigarette.

He was then approached by Rahim, who told him he had lost all of his money and asked him for £20 so he could get home. The victim gave him the money but when the defendant asked for a further £20 he refused.

Rahim then grabbed the man’s jacket, pulling him from the wheelchair and they struggled on the ground, said Peter Grice, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court. But the robbery bid, which was captured on CCTV, was foiled after two members of the public intervened.

The victim suffered bruising to his shoulders, back and arm.

Rahim, 39, of Somerville Road, Small Heath, who had previously admitted attempted robbery, was jailed for three years and nine months.

In passing sentence, Judge Richard Bond said: “You saw your victim win thousands of pounds. It was obvious to you this man was vulnerable and you have followed him quite deliberately.

“You decided you were going to have it. Out of the kindness of his heart the victim gave you £20. You can see on the CCTV you used substantial violence on your victim desperately trying to get the money out of his jacket.

“You can see the man being dragged around the floor for a significant amount of time.”

Lewis Perry, defending, said: “He is truly and utterly ashamed of what he did.”

He said Rahim had been working in the restaurant business but had lost his job as a result of this. He added that he had lost a lot of money on the night.


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