Love Letter – Kaka Bhaniawala Reproduced By DJ Gucci


Now, being fans of Kaka Bhaniwala we were quite wary about listening to one of his early hit songs that has been reproduced by DJ Gucci from Norway, ‘Love Letter’ was a part of an album that was sent to many producers globally highlighting Punjabi singing talent and ‘Love Letter’ really stood out on the album and got Kaka Bhaniwala  lots of work.

This is the original version:

So why did we play you the original version of ‘Love Letter’ simple, DJ Gucci has made the new version of the song very much his own. For people to grasp how different it is, well, you do need to hear the original. DJ Gucci has attempted to make the song more upbeat and a lot more in appealing to today’s desi music listener.

We think he has, a good solid reproduction of a lesser known song from a Punjabi singing icon.

Check out ‘Love Letter’ by DJ Gucci feat. Kaka Bhaniawala here:


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