Low Rider Veet Baljit (Fateh Doe) v Big Ego’s Dr Dre


Desi music went through a whole west coast hip hop love in approx 20 years ago, and it has become apparent that certain music producers are now looking back at that era for inspiration, and when looking for inspiration you dare not look past Dr Dre if the west coast is your thing.

A track appeared overnight on YouTube which features the multi talented Veet Baljit and Fateh Doe, the production from Ikhwinder Singh is based on the song Big Ego’s by Dr Dre, and as other recent tracks have shown, the west coast vibe is going to be something desi producers are going back to…

The question is does it bang? And do you want more of the kind?

Dr Dre Big Ego’s

Low Rider by Veet Baljit!


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