Lucky Retailer Partap Singh Targeted By Thieves For His Lottery Tickets


Partap Singh seems to be paying the price for his stores lotto success, since December 2017 his EZ Mart Liquor store has seen scratchcard winners claim over $10m from scratchcards sold in his store and now it seems people want all his tickets!

It now seems that Partap Singh has become the target of shoplifters, and what are they after? You guessed it, scratchcards! Surveillance video shows what happened on Sunday night, just after eight.

A man walks into the store, looks like he’s going to buy a drink, and then yanks the new Scratchers display case and runs away.

Singh wasn’t at the store at the time, but his son and another worker were.

“I’m really thankful that nothing happened to them,” Singh, the store’s manager said. “It could be worse if they got hurt or anything.”

Singh thinks the stolen tickets are worth around $2,000-a big loss for a small store.

He’s been in touch with the California Lottery and has filed a report with Visalia Police.

They say the surveillance video could help them find the suspect.

“It helps us out tremendously because you have an actual face that can go along with the individual that committed the crime,” said Visalia Police Sgt. Gary Williams. “If we don’t know who that is, we can put it out to the public, social media, and see if we can get that individual identified.”


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