Makhan Brar Verbal Assault On Gurlej Akhtar – Because She Is A Woman?


Gurlej Akhtar v Makhan Brar: Punjabi singer Gurlej Akhtar is going from strength to strength. A string of hit songs coupled with live tours, Gurlej is really making a serious impression on the Punjabi music scene. Yet this does seem to have made some people quite jealous of the female singer’s success.

Makhan Brar a respected songwriter from Punjab was present at a live show of Gurlej Akhtars in Canada but decided for some bizarre reason to ‘go in’ on Gurlej Akhtar.

After performing ‘Mirza’ Gurlej Akhtar (on the video below via received a great round of applause and was leaving the stage when writer Makhan Brar weighed in. He took the mic and started to describe in some detail the Mirza story and meaning. Now, Mirza is one of the oldest folklore stories and has been covered by man artists, artists that Makhan Brar has worked with himself.

Makhan Brar started explaining to the crowd what Gurlej Akhtar had just sung, he was quite belittling in his tone and attitude.  Upon hearing what he was saying Gurlej raced back to the stage and defended herself, she didn’t have to, but we are glad she did. She made it clear to the gathered crowd how two-faced Mr Brar was being and she rightly put him in his place.

Many questions arise from Makhan Brar’s on-stage antics, why has he never done this to male artists, why did he choose to do it now and is he like many others just jealous of the success that Gurlej Akhtar is having?

Gurlej Akhtar states she respects Makhan Brar as a senior artist but he is not showing any love back. Why? Makhan Brar are you scared of the rise of the strong independent Punjabi woman? Whether you are or not, this little stunt backfired!


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