Man Arrested After Viral Video Of Akshay Singh Being Shot Goes Viral


An Amritsar youth, Akshay Preet Singh (23) of Mattewal village, has been shot dead in Mississippi. The confrontation took place of the forecourt of the gas station that was run by Akshay and his father and brother.  He died after a verbal duel and scuffle with an individual who was seen stealing from the store a few days previous. Keith Cooper has now been arrested and charged with murder.

Officers were called to the parking lot of V. K. Mart after a man had been shot Friday night around 10 p.m. After an investigation, police discovered that a physical altercation began outside the store between Ronald Keith Cooper, 42, and Akshpret Punjab Singh, 23.

Back in the villae of Mattewal village where Akshay was from celebrations were on-going after the birth of a baby boy in the family.

Sohan Singh Mattewal, paternal uncle of the deceased:

“Our family was in a celebratory mood and a day before the incident we had returned after paying obeisance at Sultanpur Lodhi on the occasion of the 550th birth anniversary of first Sikh master Guru Nanak Dev,” said

Sohan Singh Mattewal, paternal uncle of the deceased.

“At around 5 am on Saturday, Akshay Preet’s elder brother Lovepreet’s wife was blessed with a son. Three hours later we received the information regarding the tragedy leaving us shell shocked.”

The uncle went on to say the family-owned five grocery stores in Mississippi and two of them were under the supervision of Akshay Preet who had gone to the USA only three years ago.

A video of the incident and the aftermath has gone viral and shows Akshay confronting the accused about a previous crime. The Argument is then taken outside where a scuffle takes place. During the scuffle, Singh’s gun falls from his person onto the ground. Seeing this the attacker then shots Singh a point-blank range whilst he was on the floor.

The McComb Police Department is investigating the fatal shooting and even though an arrest has been made, the Police department has confirmed investigations are on-going. RIP Akshay Preet Singh


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