Man Chops Off Wife’s Head And Takes It To Local Police Station


In a gory incident, a man chopped off his wife’s head and walked with it for almost one-and-a-half kilometres. The incident took place in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.

Jahangirabad police have identified the man as Akhilesh Rawat. The 30-year-old hailed from Bahadurpur village. Rawat had married wife Rajani (25) two years ago. Their daughter had previously died due to illness.

After an altercation with Rajani on Saturday, Rawat decapitated her walked with her severed head for almost one-and-a-half kilometres before police arrested him.

“On Saturday afternoon, Rawat had a quarrel with his wife Rajani, 25. He dragged her out of the house, and killed her using a sharp-edged weapon,” said Superintendent of Police Arvind Chaturvedi.

Another police official said, Rawat was walking towards the Jahangirabad police station with the severed head. Police arrested him near Kadirpur village. The police-involved have been criticised for videoing the man and not arresting him straight away. Several officers then shared the video to social media.


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