Man Falls Out With His Girlfriend, Almost 500 Poster’s Put Up In City To Say Sorry


People are always falling out, and as the song says “Making up is the hardest thing to do” so when Nilesh Kedekar’s girlfriend broke up with him, he had to show her how much he loved her and how sorry he was. What did he do?

Nilesh displayed almost 500 banners and hoardings in a posh area of Maharashtra to make up with his girlfriend after a dispute. The incident, however, became a headache for the local police.

The residents of the area woke up and saw hundreds of posters, which had the name of the girl along with an apology in bold prints with a heart symbol beside it in red, dotting the area especially prominent traffic intersections.

This act, however, has put Nilesh Khedekar, a 25-year-old local businessman in trouble. Now Wakad police has approached the local area’s civic body to initiate action as per rules dealing with illegal hoardings and defacement of public property.

The police officials said, “We managed to zero in on his friend Vilas Shinde who had helped Khedekar get the flex hoardings printed. Through him, we traced Khedekar who is the brain behind this act.”

He further informed that Khedekar wanted to apologize and make up with his girlfriend after a fight and therefore came up with this “creative” idea. It is not known if the plan worked



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