Manchester Is THE Best Place For A Weekend Session In The World! How Did Your City Rank?


If you’re planning a major party weekend, head to Manchester – it’s just has been named “the world’s wildest city”.The “capital of the north” topped a study by international relocations site, who ranked 112 global cities on their “wildness” by comparing their alcohol consumption, cannabis consumption, cocaine consumption and the number of nightlife venues relative to the population.

According to the study, Leeds is the UK’s second-wildest city, placing 6th overall, followed by Birmingham (14th), Glasgow (22nd), Edinburgh (23rd) and London (30th). Though London’s alcohol and cocaine consumption is roughly on a par with Manchester’s, according to the study, its cannabis consumption is considerably lower and it has just 120 nightlife venues per 100,000 people.

With 2.3 tons of cannabis consumed per 100,000 members of the population, Manchester is the (ahem) “greenest” city in the estudy. It also has the highest proportion of nightlife venues, with 818 venues per 100,000 people.

Manchester’s mayor Andy Burnham underlined his commitment to supporting the city’s nightlife earlier this month by appointing Sacha Lord, founder of the city’s Warehouse Project club nights and Parklife music festival, as Manchester’s first ever nighttime economy advisor.

Washington, DC
San Francisco
Birmingham (14)
Vancouver (27)
London (30)
Liverpool  (37)
Belfast  (38)

Check out the full 50 list here and see how your city ranks:


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