Maninder Buttar v Jass Manak – The Lehnga Song Was Stolen From Me


Maninder Buttar Jass Manak: One of the big songs of 2019 has been Jass Manak’s Lehenga. The song is on repeat at Punjabi weddings and is dominating DJ playlists globally. But, yes there is always a but, rumours around the scene were that the song was not Jass Manaks. Today whilst talking to RJ JASSI from 94.3 My FM Maninder Buttar talked openly about the song and controversy.

Maninder Buttar is currently stacking hits in Punjab and south India, his commercial brand of Punjabi music certainly is striking a chord with music fans. It was early in November that Maninder whilst performing accused a producer of stealing his song Lehenga. The same song that has now gone on to become a huge hit. Check out what he said on stage here:

Today, Maninder Buttar gave details of how the song, Lehenga was taken from him by a close personal friend. This is also the same person who Maninder said stole Sidhu Moose Wala songs. Sidhu Moose Wala then went on to call out Jass Manak and Geet MP3 as thieves and cheats.

The song Lehenga was sent to a certain producer at 4.30pm and within two hours the song was copied. The producer though not named was classed as a close friend of Maninder Buttars, someone who had supported him from day one! So why pull this move? Just goes to show, be careful who you trust in life, as those daggers are always ready it seems.

Check out the interview here in full: Maninder Buttar v Jass Manak

Lehanga has been a huge hit for Jass Manak, he even has writing credits for the song. Does it sound like the song from Maninder Buttar? Check it out as this beef seems set to rumble on!


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