Manjeet Kaur Kills Harpeet Singh For Not Turning Music Down At Holi Celebrations


The festival of colour is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but unfortunately for Harpreet Singh’s family it was anything but, as he was allegedly killed by his landlord Manpreet Kaur, 37.

Tibba police arrested Manjeet Kaur of Kartar Nagar for the crime on Friday. The police have stated that Harpeet Singh, 26, was celebrating Holi with his wife Jyoti, 30, and other tenants in his house, the music was loud and alcohol was being consumed.

The noise levels led other neighbours to lodge a complaint with Manjeet Kaur.

When Manjeet asked Harpreet and other tenants to stop playing music or lower the volume, Harpreet refused and this led to a heated exchange. Harpreet’s mother, then led her son away and told him to leave his house and come to her’s to chill out.

“A few minutes later, Harpreet returned to his own house, telling his mother that he was going to collect his wife Jyoti, who was alone at home. But on reaching his house, Harpreet and Manjeet were again involved in an argument over how louad the music was, following which the latter hit Harpreet with a rod.”

“Thereafter, Harpreet’s wife took him to his mother’s house where Harpreet’s condition started deteriorating. He was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead,” the inspector added.

Assistant commissioner of police (east) Devinder Chaudhary said Harpreet did not sustained any visible injury on his head, therefore the police waited for the autopsy report. Post-mortem revealed that head injury caused his death.


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