Manjot Singh & Bhangra Teacher Save Girl Attempting To Commit Suicide


Manjot Singh a student at Sharda University (G.R Noida) is today being hailed as a hero. Manjot and his Bhangra teacher saved a young girl who was about to commit suicide from a three-storey building

The girls has been whisked away to receive help and the reasons for her actions have not been confirmed. The video of Manjot and his teacher has now gone viral around India. People are commenting on how brave the Manjot was and praising him for his actions.

The following message was posted alongside the video below on Facebook:

This Brave Guy Sardar Manjot singh student at Sharda university GR.Noida today saved life of this girl who was attempting suicide as was upset due to some unknown reason. As entire people were busy making video of her suicide he came out risking his own life to save as per sikh religion teaches to save the needful. Kudos to this Brave Soul….And He is our Bhangra teacher too so we feel proud of him.

The message comments on how others would rather film the incident than help the girl! A sad state of affairs where likes would have been sought after suicide. Check out the video here of the girl being saved.


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