Mankirt Aulakh Jail 2 – Latest Punjabi Song 2020 via Saga Music


Mankirt Aulakh has released his latest Punjabi song Jail 2 and the pressure is on! Jail 2 has been released by Saga Music and features music by RB Khera. Lyrics for the new Punjabi song are by Jita and the video has been shot by Sukh Sanghera.

Jail, the original song was released in August 2017 and the song banged globally! Mankirt Aulakh was on fire then and could do no wrong. Gangland was storming playlists globally and Jail just added to the singers growing street wise reputation. This time around though it is very different. No Deep Jandu on production and a new writer. Add to the mix the recent bad publicity after the now-famous ‘session’ that saw Vada Grewal taken to hospital and charged with drug possession. Jail 2 has a lot of pressure on its shoulders.

The song Jail 2 is very similar in style and production as Jail so musically it works. Lyrically the song is as macho as the previous version, but, we are almost three years down the line from the original. Do the public have as big an appetite for such a release?

For us, the song works it may not have the shelf life of part 1 but it is one of Mankirt Aulakh’s better songs recently. This will bang on release and fans will give it plenty of airtime, the one question that will remain is? Do people love this as much as the original? Only time will tell!!

Check out Jail 2 by Mankirt Aulakh here and let us know what you think!

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