Manmohan Waris Happy Birthday – Our Top 10 Tracks


Manmohan Waris is a Punjabi music great. Timeless classics were released by the man in the early part of his career.

His live shows alongside Kamel Heer then set the bar for other live shows to follow. Today as he celebrates his birthday, we thought we would celebrate with our top 10 songs from the Halluwal born singer.

You may not agree with this list, in fact, we know that lots of you will disagree. Manmohan Waris has so many timeless classics from his early days that it becomes hard to choose. Anyway, we are not immune from putting our necks on the block so here is our top 10 Manmohan Waris songs. Happy Birthday and enjoy!

Koka Karke Dhokha Ni Dil Le Gaya
Kali Beh Ke Sochi Ni Manmohan Waris
Gairan Naal Peenghan Jhootdiye 
Punjabi Shera 
Rang Na Vata Layi
Thaan Sakay Bhravan Di
Satranga Lishkara

(All 10 songs can be played/viewed by pressing the icon on the far right on the link below)

One song that missed our top 10 as it was a cover version was the Amar Singh Shonki classic ‘Do Taara’, so here it is anyway! What an awesome cover version:


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