Mann Di Nahi Manni Sandhu, Navaan Sandhu & Ezu – Latest Punjabi Songs 2020


What started out as a quarantine beat is now a fully-fledged release from Manni Sandhu called Mann Do Nahi. The song features Naavan Sandhu and Ezu on vocals and is a Collab Creations release. Lockdown is a strange thing, but for sure it is highlighting the innovation of artists and Mann Di Nahi is an example of that!

Mann Di Nahi is one for the summer! And seeing as the sun is out already the timing is perfect. The chilled out vibes on the production from Manni Sandhu really do have you picturing the sunshine and that day when we can all be back out together.

Vocally Naavan Sandhu sounds as tight as ever and he really is carving himself a niche following. Ezu is once again on form and delivers as usual – On Point!

Another reason the song will bang? The journey from beat to final product has played out fully on social media and has been lived by fans.

Lockdown has been a testing time and seen many musicians release music, those that standout are the ones incorporating fans and innovation! Manni Sandhu take a bow you just delivered once again!

Check out Mann Di Nahi by Manni Sandhu, Navaan Sandhu & Ezu here:

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