Manni Sandhu Talks Music,Naveen & “In Demand” (Xclusive Video)


The video to Manni Sandhu’s second 2018 release is now out, and the track bangs. In Demand, see’s Manni return to a laid back Bhangra come west coast synth lead kinda style, and it works! Added to our playlist fo’ sure… but let see what Manni had to say about the tune!

Manni –  I recorded this song with Navaan a few years ago in a hotel room. We never expected it to release – it was more of a mess around. I did some quick music to it and put it on my Instagram as a random video. My Insta blew up and I had people messaging me everyday asking when the song was gonna release.

This whole process is everything that’s good about the industry these days. Those days of having songs sitting on the computer and putting so much thought into each release is over. What started off as an Insta video has turned into a single with a music video. I love working like this – it puts the fun back into music.

The track has a pure summer vibe and it’s got that classic Manni Sandhu sound people have been asking for. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Check out the latest Manni Sandhu and Navleen song here:


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