Manni Sandhu Talks Special Edition Feat. Navaan Sandhu (Inc. Video)


Special Edition is the new Punjabi song from Manni Sandhu feat. Navaan Sandhu and was released overnight. Check out the video here via YouTube the song is also available to purchase via itunes and to stream via Apple Music.

Rather than us mumble on about the tune we spoke with Manni Sandhu and got his thoughts on his return as a whole!

Talk is cheap was the return single did the scene feel different?

100%. My release before Talk Is Cheap was in 2016 with Gani. Fast forward to 2018 and the scene is all about consistency. You need to be dropping something every other month to stay relevant in this game. Otherwise you’ll get left behind. The UK rap scene is thriving too as well as the Afro sound which I’m really feeling right now – a lot of new sounds and influences that I can experiment with. It’s a good time to be making music.

How has the response to challa being? Was it a risk playing with a classic?

I’m not going to lie, before the release of Challa I had no expectations on how it would be perceived. Challa is an iconic punjabi track and re-doing a classic needs to be done very carefully. But I can honestly say the response has been insane – the amount of love people have shown me and Gurj has been overwhelming. Everyone’s loved the music and praised the vocals – I’m glad it resonated with people and me and Gurj pulled it off.

What do you wish to gain from this third single release & will you work with Naveen again

My main aim right now is to build my catalogue and consistently release music. It feels so good to finally get this music out that’s been sitting on my hard drive for years. I’m at a place where I’m enjoying making music and releasing it. We’ve got loads of songs recorded with Nav and you’ll hear the next one very soon.

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