Manni Sandhu Tals Akhil & Karde Haan (Song and links included)


Manni Sandhu has been a busy man since his return from a self imposed exile from the music scene. Manni Sandhu’s return has gathered pace and momentum with each release and this his latest Punjabi song Kaarde Haan feat. Akhil will seem him growing his fan base even more.

Kaarde Haan has that Manni Sandhu and Akhil partership stamp all over it, a wavy laid back track that sweeps you off your feet the more you listen to it, those people who enjoyed Gani – This is for you

We caught up with Manni to talk 2019, Akhil and 2019…

After some tremendous success with Akhil (with songs like Gani and Makhaul,) did Kaarde Haan feel like a risk?

Definitely no pressure – I found Akhil when he was completely unknown and he has achieved so many great things from then up until now. We still have the same chemistry we had back in those early days and we both know what we need to bring to the table to maximise each others potential. We had great success with Makhaul & Gani especially – Karde Haan is bringing back that sound that people love to hear from the both of us.

So will this lead to more from you two?

Akhil and I have been speaking and we’re definitely planning on getting back in the studio to work on
a number of songs. Every song we’ve made to date has been recorded together so we need to be in the same room for this to work. Once he’s wrapped up promoting Karde Haan he’ll be coming out to the UK to work on some more stuff with me.

So what is your vision for 2019?

The overall vision for 2019 is consistency and most importantly enjoying making music. I said last year there would be no gaps and I’ve stuck to my word. This year there will be bigger collaborations, non-stop releases, and a big push on some of the new singers I’m working with. We’re in a real innovative time of the music industry, and I’m happy to be apart of it and to get my piece of the pie.

So whilst Manni enjoys his pie why dont you check out his latest Punjabi song with Akhil – Kaarde Haan


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