Mansfield Footballer Mal Benning Called “Dirty P**i B*stard” In Racist Tweet


Mel Benning is currently one of only two (Yan Dhanda) professional Punjabi players in the English Football League. Today Mal Benning took to Twitter to say a huge thank you to Mansfield Town as he celebrated his fourth year at the club. Mal Benning joined Mansfield Town after leaving Walsall FC.

After receiving a lot of tweets from fans of Mansfield Town Mal then received this tweet from @SheridanOut on twitter: “You dirty p**i ba***ard” – This tweet has now been deleted. The account is still active.

Mal Benning received this tweet

Mansfield Police have now tweeted to say they are investigating and Mal Benning himself has also called for action as per his tweet below. The lack of Asian footballers in the game has always been an issue that has been dismissed as a cultural upbringing issue. Though many Asians beg to differ.ย  Yet with abuse like this is it a surprise that many Asian footballers opt for another career? This tweet is now being investigated and hopefully, the sender will be made accountable for such a tweet

The reply from Rhys is just as disturbing. If you follow the thread on twitter.



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