March 2019 All The New UK Punjabi Songs From JK to D.E.A


March 2019 was one of the busiest months of the year so far for UK Punjabi releases, and the one thing that stood out was the diversity of music coming from the UK. March saw comeback releases, big single releases and more collaborations…. 2019 is shaping up to be a very good year for UK Punjabi music.

JK & Tru Skool – Bhabieh, This combination never fail to disappoint and this new song ‘Bhabieh’ was added to every wedding playlist as soon as it was released, big tune for the year ahead.

Deep Natt – Pardes, This may have gone under the radar, Deep Natt deserves a bigger audience, his vocal ability is impressive and hopefully we will hear more from him soon, impressive vocals very Garry Sandhu.

Bups Saggu – Yaaran Da Truck, this was the first of 2 releases from Bups in March and this was very very different, the song showcased the more innovative side of Bups Saggu, the single was creative and was embraced by music fans.

Ezu, Hor Labna, VIP records dropped Hor Labna with very little fan fare, the song deserves a few spins, it was released too close the PropheC album for us, which may have took away from the songs shine.

Jhinda Music feat. Satnam Punjabi – Gal Udd Gayi, UK producer Jihnda music dropped a very well produced desi track this month, it had a clever video that went well with the song. If you like it desi with a hint of UK, check this out.

Deep Jandu, Karan Aujla & Sangra Vibes – Snake, Now this came out of the blue and really did bang, the return of the UK’s Sangra Vibes and that alongside two of the Punjabi music scenes hottest artists…. ‘Snake’ works!

Miss Pooja, DJ Dips – Fishcut, Miss Pooja loves UK producers and Fishcut produced by DJ Dips got a fantastic response across the globe from Miss Pooja fans, well produced. Fishcut is a good solid Punjabi pop track.

Harj Nagra, Benny Dhaliwal, Gurlez Akhtar, Range Wala Jatt, This was the first official full video/single release from Harj Nagra’s Hit man label. Benny and Harj work well together and Harj gets the best out of Benny on this track, Range Wala Jatt seems to be a grower as it still has momentum.

Jasjot Singh Ghuman, Kaos Productions – Revenge Of The Singh, It had been a while since we heard from Jasjot Singh, Revenge of the Singh is well produced by Kaos Productions who do get the best out of Jasjot here, the song had very little hype on it, so if you missed it check it out here:

Sukshinder Shinda – 36, A new flow and a new style from the Punjabi music legend Sukshinder Shinda. 36 is very different to Shinda’s other singles recently, but, it does highlight that man is not scared to experiment.

Sukshinder Shinda, Azaadi, Having spoke with Sukshinder Shinda he promised more live stuff via his YouTube channel and if this is anything to go by…bring it on!

PBN ft. Manpreet Toor, Nachna Ni Ohnda, This is PBN being PBN, a great dance number that has all the signature elements you want from a PBN track. Expect to hear more of this as we head into the Easter wedding month.

Bups Saggu Feat. RS Chauhan – Favourite Rang, The second release from Bups in March was very different to his first, this impacted hard upon release, a great hook line, clever video and it just works well!

G Sidhu, Kaos Productions, Dhami Amarjit – Pehli Tape, A three pronged attack, each bringing something special to the table, clever lyrics, good production and something fresh from G Sidhu, Pehli Tape works well, big track.

Harvey Sahota Feat. Devinder J, Mitran Nu, If you like the UK band sound and especially the Sahota’s then Mitran Nu’ is for you, a really well delivered track and very very UK! This deserves a few spins! Good to have Harvey Sahota back.

DEA, Sarangi Chillout, we have had this on repeat since it was released, this is an instrumental, so no vocals but the haunting use of the sarangi alongside a heavy loop driven track make this a must! If you have not checked this out…. Why Not?

Last but not least, One of the most viewed and streamed songs of March from the UK was a Mix by DJ Frenzy – Moose Wala Frenzy! This blew up and expect this to be every DJ’s go to as we head into wedding season!


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