Master Rakesh Takes A Swipe @ Envy Music, Rishi Rich/ Badshaah & The UK


Oh my days, Master Rakesh went INNNNNNNN. It certainly does feel like he has been holding in a lot of anger over recent years and he just needed a platform to explode. He certainly did not take any prisoners. Master Rakesh really did not hold back in this interview with Raonuk Punjab Dee.

The interview sees the Punjabi singer talk about Zeus, Amit Rai and Simon Nandra in a positive light. Yet he also called out those who played with him and his career. The interview details:

  • He accuses Vivek Nayer (Envy Music) of falsely stamping his passport and not paying him what he was owed – (13 mins 52 seconds)
  • How he was sent to Jail for overstaying
  • How he felt he was used by Rishi Rich (23 mins)
  • Talks directly to the English producers about how they use people
  • How Badshah was given his songs without his permission
  • How he is going to come back to the UK and address those who wronged him!!


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