Mayweather Gives 10 Reasons Why His Better Than Oscar Del La Hoya


Floyd really does not like De La Hoya does he ?

It was May 2007 when the paired fought at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, before that fight and even after Mayweather never holds back his thoughts on Oscar.The pair did work together towards the end of the Maywaeathers boxing career, but on the back of Mayweather beating Canelo Alvarez (Golden Boy’s star man), things have gone considerably downhill between the promoters.

In an interview with his one and only source,, Mayweather took it upon himself to list ten reasons why he was better the De La Hoya in every way.

“They (Top Rank ) believed in Oscar De La Hoya. A guy who right now is so f****** jealous of me it’s a shame,” Mayweather explained to Ben Thompson

“He didn’t make more money than me, was never a better fighter than me.

“His offence wasn’t like mine. His defence wasn’t like mine. His chin wasn’t like mine.

“I’ve never been a quitter and will never be a quitter. I’ve got a great chin. I can fight on the outside. I can fight on the inside.

“I can counter punch and I can bang. I proved that.”

Mayweather seems happy enough now that his record has landed on an even number, ruling out rematches with Conor McGregor or Manny Pacquiao in recent times.

A big money move to UFC, which seems unfathomable for Floyd, was also dismissed as it finally seems like Mayweather is ready to take a backseat to trading punches.


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