Meet Bheem Singh ‘Speakerwala’ The Punjabi Vinyl King


Over the last 6 years vinyl has become more and more attractive once again to music fans. The sound and crackle of vinyl is something that can never be replicated and it is that unique sound that has a Punjab resident and his record collection all of a sudden getting more bookings than ever before!

Bheem Singh, popularly known as ‘Bheem Singh Speakerwala’, is known for  collecting vintage gramophones and old records of Punjabi singers of yesteryear.

Bheem, who hails from Nabha in Punjab, has over 2,500 records with the dates of the records ranging from 1910 – to the current day!

His unique collection has seen Bhim Singh being booked for marriages and other functions along with his gramophones and records, to give parties that unique feel.

Watch the video below to know more about him.


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