Meet Gurvin Singh The 20 Year Old Making Cash On Forex! Why Not Join Him?


Everyone knows an apna who thought they were going to become the next Bitcoin millionaire, many talked the talk and many are still circumnavigating the M25 with their illusions of grandeur. Yet, it seems the one market they missed was trading on foreign currencies, well meet Gurvin Singh, one 20-year-old student who did not miss that particular boat.

Gurvin Singh is a 20-year-old student from Plymouth has made so much cash trading foreign currencies he’s walking around in designer gear and making plans to buy a £30,000 sports car – and wants to show you how you can follow his lead and get rich too, reports the Plymouth Herald.

Gurvin Singh was just 19 when he began trading on the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) as a way to fund his medical studies at the University of Plymouth.

Mr Singh started out with just £100 but soon had enough money to splash out on expensive clothes and trainers and a £15,000 Audi motor, though he stressed most of his earnings are going to fund his dream of becoming a surgeon.

He did this by “swapping” foreign currencies. Working through a broker he invested in the US$5trillion global currency market and was soon reaping lucrative returns.

Mr Singh, under the handle @gs_3 now has 100,000 Instagram followers and has set up his own company, gs3 Marketing, and website,, which trains people how to make a buck from the Forex market. His company address is in London’s business epicentre Canary Wharf.

He charges for tutorials but says his students are then free and empowered to set up their own Forex trading platforms and start making cash. He said that with an initial investment of £100 traders could be earning £2,000 a week.

“It requires only £100 and a telephone. I help thousands of people monthly to generate a second income from their phone,” Mr Singh said.

“You can spend one or two hours a day Forex trading and still make money. There is no limit to what you make.

“I’m driving a £15,00 Audi and want to upgrade to a £30,000 Maserati and I’m hoping to buy my single mother a house in London, but with a mortgage.

“I want to build a mini property empire but still pursue my career in medicine, I want to do cardiac surgery,” he said. “If you can change people or save a life that’s the biggest thing you can do. Sometimes I give £100 away at random to an Instagram follower.”

The Forex market, though uncentralised, is legitimate, with huge banks being the main players in what has become the world’s largest marketplace. Simply put, traders buy and sell currencies as they rise and fall in value.

The practice, with its promise of huge earnings, had attracted some scammers, but Mr Singh stressed that what he is doing is above board and said: “Your £100 is invested with the company, not me.

“The scammers want you to give them money and say they will invest it, say they will give you a return, but you never see it. I’m teaching people to trade, the money I charge is for education. I show you how to set up your own trading company.”


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