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London based producer Jhinda Music has just released his latest Punjabi song ‘Gal Udd Gayi’ featuring the vocals of Satnam Punjabi with the lyrics penned by Ramninder Chouhan. The song has been independently released by Jhinda Music on his own platforms, a brave step, but one that has to be applauded if you truly want musical independence.

We managed to catch up with Jhinda and talk about the new single ‘Gal Udd Gayi’ and the journey this single took:

I met Satnam during the annual youth festival at Punjabi University Patiala in 2018. He was in charge of the stage and after the show we sat down with musical friends and had a lil mehfil at the hotel. I first recorded Gal Udd Gayi very roughly right there and then in the hotel on my portable mic.

Lol, for real, music and all?

Nah, almost a year later I made the music separately which just fitted perfectly with the composition and within 3 months the track, video and promotion was all done! When it works everything just happens

So why go down the independent route? Was it a decision forced on you or a decision you made for yourself?

I decided along time ago to choose this path as I didn’t feel that for a brand new artist the industry supported/nurtured my journey. Doing it myself as an independent release allows me to have the autonomy to get on with making decisions and moving the project along quickly.

Well, it is a brave a call, but it is all about musical freedom, so what else can we expect from you in 2019?

2019! I Cant wait to show everyone what i have in store! I’m already working on the next 2/3 projects that should be out starting June/July. I’ve been working hard on my style and every track so far has been a stepping stone so bigger and better!

Nothing but good wishes to Jhinda on his musical journey, check out his new track ‘Gal Udd Gayi’ here and let us know what you think?


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