Mela Reloaded Jeeti & Lehmber Hussainpuri – New Punjabi Song 2020


Mela by Lehmber Hussainpuri was one of the standout tracks from the Off The Hook album by UK producer Jeeti. Almost a decade on, Jeeti has polished down the mixing desk and re-worked the song that Punjabi music fans fell in love with. Say hello to Mela Reloaded by Jeeti.

There was a time that you could put a picture of Lehmber Hussainpuri on anything and it would boost sales. The Punjabi singer was ‘THE’ big show. Every producer at the time had songs of his and releases were plentiful. Standing out among those regular releases was quite tough to do. Jeeti’s original version of Mela featuring Lehmber did more than just stand out, it still stands tall today.

The song Mela is still popular on streaming services and features heavily on playlists. Will this new version do the same? Jeeti has kept this new Reloaded version on Mela pretty close to the original in format, but this is a lot more upbeat than the original. The song has been kept desi, with a real UK feel. If you are a fan of straight-up desi tunes then this deserves a spin!

Check out Mela Reloaded by Jeeti & Lehmber Hussainpuri here: (To stream Mela Reloaded just click your preferred platform Spotify, Apple Music)

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