Men From India Hate Using Condoms! Punjab & Chandigarh Among Top 5 Users


Last week was World Population Day and in reports, it was highlighted that India would overtake China as the most populated country on earth by 2030. India’s burgeoning population is a well-known problem. Why is it growing so fast? Simple Indian men don’t like using condoms, according to a recent study.

To be precise 94.4 per cent of them don’t.

Indian men do understand the significance of condoms. The National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-4 showed that 97.9 per cent men who are sexually active know the importance of condoms, while overall 94 per cent men in India are aware of condom use.

This national distaste for condoms is strong despite markets being flooded with strawberry, litchi, banana, peach, chocolate, pan, aam panna, kaccha aam, dotted, extra dotted, feather-light, ultra-thin, lubricated, super lubricated and tens of other varieties and designs prepared by brands these days to make condoms appealing.

But Indian men are a breed that refuses to budge.

No number of ads featuring Ranveer Singh, or the old Bollywood-themed suhag raat scenes or the double meaning punchlines like ‘is raat ki subah hi nahi’ (there is no end to this night after using XYZ condom) seem to have changed their distaste for condoms.

The latest reports on the state of health in India — National Health Profile 2018 and the National Family Health Survey (2015-16) — show that nearly 95 per cent married couples (in the age group 15-49 years, when fertility is at its peak) do not use condoms.

Globally, Congo has (13.9 per cent), Bostwana (35.8 per cent), Hong Kong (50.1 per cent), Japan (46.1 per cent), Russia (25 per cent), the UK (7 per cent) and the US (11.6 per cent) have higher percentage of condom use.


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