MERA SARDAR KS Makhan & Gurheer Kaur (Via VS Records)


Controversial artist KS Makhan is once again dipping his feet into the Punjabi music scene. Mera Sardar is the new song from KS Makhan and has been released via VS Records. The song sees him team up with Punjabi female singer Gurheer Kaur. Music for the new Punjabi song has been provided by Amdad Ali.

Histrionics aside, judging the song as a stand-alone single is quite easy. We think it is pretty decent. No other artist has a voice like KS Makhan and he is always a pleasure to listen too. The song is very different from some of the aggression fueled earlier releases but that is understandable. He bounces of Gurheer Kaur quite well and the chemistry between the pair is evident in a musical sense. The song seems to have had very little promotion in the build-up to its release, which is strange given the cult-like status some hold KS Makhan in. Either way, the tune is not a bad one but in reality, this will get swallowed up by bigger duet releases.

Check out MERA SARDAR KS Makhan & Gurheer Kaur here:

Gurheer Kaur may not be a name that many Punjabi music fans would have heard of. He last major release was way back in 2017 via Jeet Records. Laad Karke had music from Beat Minister and was not the biggest of hits, but if you liked Mera Sardar then this may appeal.


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