Mickey Singh Pam Sengh Two New Tunes In A Week


Mickey Singh is dropping bombs, two video releases in a week and both featuring rapper Pam Sengh. Looks like Mickey Singh is looking to cement his place in the music industry in 2020 as an innovator. Both releases have come via the Treehouse V.H.T Platform. The first release was called Tu (from his album Magic) which was followed up by today’s release Ptola.

Tu Mickey Singh Pam Sengh 

Call it rap, Punjabi pop or contemporary R’n’B either way Tu works. Released back in 2018 on his Maigc album, Tu is a really slick and polished final product. The sound is clean, the vocals are on point and the video marries everything really well. Pam Sengh might be new to some. His ease of delivery with a laid back approach always makes him sound the part, this is not different. If you are a fan of Mickey Singh then this is for you. If you are a fan of well-produced music then Tu is well worth a spin. Innovation in delivery and wordplay makes Tu work! Check out Tu by Mickey Singh and Pam Sengh here:

Ptola Mickey Singh Pam Sengh

Ptola is fire. This appealed to us straight away. It has a more desi feel to it but that clean sound and style of Mickey Singh are still evident. The flip between a more desi flow and his more modern flow is impressive. The ability to flip his vocals like this really does set Mickey Singh apart. Pam Sengh drops a clever cameo that really adds to the flow of the track. The cameo does not sound out of place or forced, some seamless production here. Out the two songs released this week, Ptola appeals to us more. Both bang, but this appeals to our more desi side! Make sure you hit play below and check out Ptola by Mickey Singh and Pam Sengh

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