Mickey Singh – Victim of a Vindictive Individual? Greed or Hate?

We at Daily Ent. Xpress are always looking for unity in a scene that at times just seems to have become very divisive  and vindictive, and the events surrounding  Mickey Singh’s latest release have once again shown that unity is something that is miles away.
The track “I am Urban Desi” was released two weeks ago by Mickey Singh, and it paid homage to the artists he grew up listening to, the variation is wide and experimental, yet it worked, and was put together very well, the cost of the video and project is estimated at $45,000.
 Now, we are all about protecting an artists or managements wishes when trying to ensure copyright is protected in a song, but when they then ask for a flat fee and that flat fee will be going to them as an individual, well then, it becomes obvious that the issue is solely based on money, and this is where Mr Sood has shown his true colours, and that is a shame.
Everyone needs to earn a living, but rather than be vindictive, look at the popularity of Mickey Singh and the extra plays, spins it could have attracted in the long-term for Mr Sood, this for Micky, whilst not being perfect now, will generate more interest in the long term and hopefully take the song to a whole new audience, and Mickey knows we got his back with that!
Check out Mickey’s response below and the said video below!


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